Time walk Project 

Timewalk is working with Wardsend Cemetery to bring the stories behind the people buried at the Cemetery, and also looking at the history of the Rivers and Canal. Two of our specially researched trails have been used in conjunction with Bloc Projects re Workshop of the World and with Ignite Imaginations re Engineering and Innovation (Tinsley Darnall & Attercliffe) We have also increased our inclusive Access mapping though due to lack of funding and poor software is slow going. 

The Heritage Conference was a great success and has energised many people into wanting to carry on the ideas that came from there. We are working to link people together to do just that including an audit of our Heritage buildings using our current Heritage Map and community groups. We also hope to go into more detail what is within the Conservation areas. We would welcome any help re volunteers and fundraising to complete these tasks. What was inspiring from the conference was the idea of a citywide strategy that could be long lasting and shape planning decisions for generations to come.

Another encouraging aspect is forging links with Federation of Small businesses and Indy traders in the city and beyond. Heritage is not just about memories its about livelihoods and how we promote our unique identity.Its also about making our city more economically resilient.

We were pleased that the Council now has a Heritage Champion and are waiting to see what that will mean in Practice. Hopefully it will mean more linkage between the grassroots organisations and the Council to look at innovative ways to protect and promote our city's history.

This year has also seem the formation of Joined up Heritage, a heritage consortium open to all heritage groups. Contact Jon Bradley, j.bradley@greenestate.org tel. 07807 241512 Green Estate Ltd., Manor Oaks Farmhouse, 389 Manor Lane, Sheffield S2 1UL    

We are going through our heritage map now and expanding the area to include some of the heritage buildings in the wider area technically outside Sheffield but within the postcode. Along with that we are drawing up a list of buildings at risk and buildings that are felt important by the community even if not listed. If you'd like to help you can contact us at timewalkproject@gmail.com or via the website.. 

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