Time walk Project 


The Full Monty Cycle ride around Sheffield taking in some of the locations that were used in the Full Monty. 

Cemetery A bike ride route that takes in cemeteries old and new in Sheffield as a preparation for Halloween

Pop and Rock A cycle ride round some of the venues and sites connected with pop and rock in Sheffield - mainly venues and mainly city centre

Steels and Mills  A ride to visit some of the sites of Sheffield's 17th,18th & 19th century steel industry through what is now parkland and finishing in the town centre to visit the last cementation furnace and the site of the first crucible steel furnaces in Sheffield - then the pub! 

J G Graves John George Graves (1866-1845) was a local businessman, politician and most importantly to us now - a munificent philanthropist for Sheffield. He was also a keen cyclist and there's not a lot of people know that. So let's celebrate this self-made man, who gave so much back to his adopted city, by cycling to places and institutions that were part of his life or owe their establishment or longevity to Graves.

War and Peace A leisurely cycle ride to take in some sights that were touched by, or commemorate war and peace for Sheffield and Sheffielders. 13 miles of cycling with some stops if you want

Riding the Sheffield Flood The Sheffield Flood of 1864 was due to the collapse of Dale Dyke Reservoir. 800 houses destroyed and 270 people killed. It swept away anything in the Loxley Valley and trashed Malin Bridge, Hillsborough, Shalesmoor down into Attercliffe and Brightside and finally dissipated in Rotherham

Hidden Hillsborough and the Birley Stone A ride out to see some of the sights of Hillsborough and some viewpoints in the hills behind Hillsborough with fine views - we take in the outlying villages of Oughtibridge, Worral and Loxley as well as we cross the Don Valley to get to the Loxley Valley - there are some steep gradients so push your bike along  About 13 miles

Dissent  A trip to places associated with political and social dissent in Sheffield. Good reason to get out to Handsworth and even into Rotherham!

The Women's Movement in Sheffield  A ride around some of the sites connected with women's struggle for suffrage and emancipation. 

Ruskin in Sheffield  A route for visiting the sites of the Ruskin Museum in Sheffield from 1875 to the present and the site of the St George's farm that Ruskin bought to establish a workers' coop on the farm. Needless to say it all ended with recriminations and disagreements about who was supposed to do what, with whom and on whose authority. My guess is that all the descendents either ended up in Sheffield Council as politicians or staff!

Amazing Attercliffe  A ride to celebrate and learn about Attercliffe,, now a district of the City of Sheffield and once a rural village that is in the Domesday book (Ateclive)  See http://jimsdesk.co.uk/1806.html for an 1806 walk through Attercliffe! 

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